About David

Birth Date: April 2nd, 1949

Birth Place: Malden, Massachusetts

Education: Woburn Memorial High School

High School Band: The Rising Tide

Known For: The Cars; The Modern Lovers

Other Notable Bands: DMZ; The Pop!

Producer: Boys Life; Vinny Band; Ooh Ah Ah

Extra: Housesitter; The Crucible; other films…

Pastimes: Making jewelry, music, art, architecture, film, motorcycles, cars.

Name of The Cars: “I just made it up. It took me two minutes. The name…doesn’t mean a thing. The more I hear it, the less it means. Now there’s like, when I see the word Cars, it doesn’t mean an automobile anymore, it means the group.” (source)

Trivia: In 1980, David Robinson said that his best performance to date was on The Modern Lovers song, Astral Plane. When I asked him whether he would still say the same or had a Cars song taken it’s place, David told me that one of his favourite “programmed” Cars songs was Looking For Love

—David Robinson was a Celebrity Judge on Miss USA 1986, which took place on May 20th in Miami, FL.

—He was the drummer featured in Too Hot To Stop, a music video for Cars bass player and vocalist Benjamin Orr’s solo career. Fellow Car, Greg Hawkes was also featured on keyboards in the music video.

—He was an extra for several films, including Housesitter and The Crucible.

—For Move Like This, Greg Hawkes did most of the bass work in honour of Benjamin Orr, even using Orr’s old bass; a white Precision Bass, which has since belonged to David Robinson.

—Although David Robinson is otherwise retired from music, he did reunite with The Cars in 2010 and, as quoted by Ric Ocasek, was sad when Move Like This was completed, with a strong interest in recording more studio albums.

"I know David, when the record was done, almost felt sad. He said, ‘Can’t we just do some more? Can’t we start on another one now?’

— Ric Ocasek

Described By Others: David Robinson has always been described as a gentleman; a very kind, down-to-earth person. He’s also known as the “sassy, fun” member of The Cars, and was said to have a romantic, sweet side. He has remained amiable with his band mates, and was known to share a special close bond with Benjamin Orr.

From my correspondence with David, I thought he was a polite person, and quite professional, although perhaps more personal than Greg Hawkes was (Greg is also very nice).

All-in-all, David Robinson is my hero who I adore dearly.

In recent years, David Robinson owns and manages an art gallery in Massachusetts; where he sells jewellery that he makes.

Robinson will be making an appearance in the documentary film,

Boys From Nowhere: The Story of Boston’s Garage Punk Uprising, reported to be coming out this Autumn, 2013.

More info on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/bfnfilms

Patterns from Subtle Patterns (Subtle Patterns) / CC BY-SA 3.0